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Hey Susan, thanks for your post. I'm a loyal Safari subscriber but did not realize that Pearson was a joint-owner - I was wondering why Addison-Wesley (a Pearson imprint) would put their content on a competitor's site.One correction - you said <blockquote><i>All books that are published by these publishers are automatically formatted for Safari and made available to anyone who has a subscription to Safari.</i></blockquote> This isn't quite right - <i>most</i> of these publishers books end up on Safari, but not all. For instance, I couldn't get access to Jacobson / Booch / Rumbaugh's <i><a href="">Unified Software Development Process</a></i> book on Safari, even though it's from AW, so I ended up buying it used from Amazon for $20.One other thing, I didn't realize the IBM Press Books were available from Books 24x7 - thanks for the pointer - will save me Safari bookslots on these titles (just checked out two IBM Press Books: <i><a href="">Software Configuration Management Strategies and IBM Rational ClearCase (2nd Ed.)</a></i>, and <i><a href="">Developing Quality Technical Information (2nd Ed.)</a></i> over the weekend).

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Hi Bill,There are lots of [i]well-kept secrets[/] in this company and I think our access to [b]Books 24x7[/b] is one of the biggest ones! I hope more people start using this site as it is a great way to keep skills up to date!I know that not all books are available electronically. The electronic rights are not always granted for many reasons. I guess the Jacobson / Booch / Rumbaugh's [i]Unified Software Development Process[/i] book is one of them.On another note, what did you think of [i]Developing Quality Technical Information (2nd Ed.)[/i]? This is one of the books that I sponsored and one that I'd like more people to read!

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Re: Books 24x7, I knew we (IBMers) had access but didn't know the IBM Press books were there.Re: <i>Developing Quality Technical Information (2nd. Ed.)</i>, I really like it... I've been trying to improve my own writing skills for better blogging, article writing, and a potential book. Its advice is very practical, useful, and timely. I wish more technical writers would read it, since technical information is often of horrendous quality yet is vital to supporting users of our products and developers building on top of our platforms. I am going to try to write a book review for <a href="">the Rational Edge</a> if time permits.