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I found this flashbook so wonderful and enjoyable to read. The 7 Big ideas topic was amazing to read, I can imagine lot of thought process went into making of DB2 BLU! I need a little clarification regarding Page 46 which says that when DB2_WORKLOAD is set as "ANALYTICS", it will enable intrapartition parallelism which is not correct. I think there has been some last minute changes in DB2 10.5 BLU release where now the intrapartition parallelism will not be enabled as 'YES' by default when DB2_WORKLOAD is set to 'ANALYTICS'. We will have to set it manually instead. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Naveen Somayaji K N <br /> Worked on DB2 BLU FVT team <br /> India Software Labs

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Just to add a little more context on the query parallelism configuration when DB2_WORKLOAD=ANALYTICS. It is true that setting DB2_WORKLOAD=ANALYTICS does not enable INTRA_PARALLEL=YES in the DBM CFG, but it actually does something equivalent at the database level. Every database comes with a default WLM workload, SYSDEFAULTUSERWORKLOAD, which has a MAXIMUM DEGREE value which by default is is set to DEFAULT. When DB2_WORKLOAD=ANALYTICS we change the meaning of this DEFAULT value from intra-parallel OFF to intra-parallel ON. So DB2_WORKLOAD=ANALYTICS does enable query parallelism, just at a lower level than the INTRA_PARALLEL dbm cfg parameter. The user of course is still free to set INTRA_PARALLEL=YES if desired, but it's not strictly necessary when DB2_WORKLOAD=ANALYTICS.

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How can we get the complete ebook. Have read the Chapter 3 in the flashbook and found it very informative.

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Here is the link to the full book:

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I tried that link in the Feb3 comment and it still seems to be only Chapter 3.

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I seem to have some sort of endless loop in this blog entry! No matter how I try to change the link to the full book, it ends up back at the link for only chapter 3. I've created a new blog entry in an attempt to fix this. Let me know if you still continue to get to the wrong link: <br />