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Nice comments! I think this is defineately a new and effective method. Have you heard of this tool - we are trying it out this quarter at BlueWare..Camtasia Studio 5.<div>&nbsp;</div> Tech Smith’s Camtasia software allows for the user to capture anything on the users screen and put into the form of a video. Not only can users capture what’s is on the screen but they can also insert audio at the same time. Camtasia also allows for the use of a web cam and can capture the images that are projected on the users screen, and can also include audio with this option as well. The software boasts enhancing E-Learning, Demonstrations, &amp; training environments. <div>&nbsp;</div> In Addition the Camtasia studio software allows the completed videos to be stored in the following file types; flash, IPod, windows media player, CD, and, MOV files. This feature allows for the user to share the video in many different file types to accommodate a wide range of applications. <div>&nbsp;</div> I love your Blog Susan... Your friend Rose How BlueWare could use the Camtasia Studio Software ... this report was provided to me by my training coordinator here at BlueWare <div>&nbsp;</div> "We could use the Camtasia studio software in many ways. I think using the software to produce virtual training, e-learning and, pod casts’ presentations to better market our product before and after the sale would be most effective method and we would see the greatest return on this investment. <div>&nbsp;</div> Using this program, it will allow us to create video clips of the Wellness connection and insert voice over narration to promote, train, and sell our solution. We could produce training videos that would effectively get our message across in a virtual presentation with consistency and accuracy. Increasing our training consistency would increase customer satisfaction with our solution, as end users would have learning and/or training information at their fingertips in a paperless format with professional effectiveness. <div>&nbsp;</div> Successes From Camtasia studio 5 software<div>&nbsp;</div> When I was researching the product I found that there are many companies that use this program for training and e-learning purposes such as IBM. Please see hyperlink for additional information, this is just one success story that I found that was exactly the focus that I would like to utilize this software for in our efforts of better training for our customers." <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Thanks Rose! I think we use some of the technologies that you mention in the creation of the ILO education. I passed your comments to our guru to have a look.

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look at this website This is the way how eleanring will work.