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1 localhost commented Permalink

For 731 we had to take exam 730.But this 733 says we can take 730 or 700.Isnt that being inconsistent.

2 localhost commented Trackback

Exam 700 and 730 are considered equivalent, so are valid pre-requisites for 731 and 733 (and 732).

3 localhost commented Permalink

Are there going to be any upgrade exams for those that already hold the equivalent v8 cert?<div>&nbsp;</div> Nice blog Susan. Keep up the good work!

4 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Victor.... Yes, the new exam was just released... I'll blog about it today.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks for the info. This there any books available in the market specify for 733?

6 localhost commented Permalink

I'd like to ask the same question as Jonathan - are there any books available in the market specifically for 733?When preparing for 730, Roger Sander's book was invaluable.<div>&nbsp;</div> I've found here on your blog - you said no back in Oct, and I wanted to check whether this had changed since then.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks in advance.<div>&nbsp;</div> MG