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1 shayes commented Permalink

Did you miss this show!??!?!?! Goodness! It was one of our best ever! Lots of lively discussion, ideas, tips, best practices, and MISTAKES you should avoid! <div>&nbsp;</div> Catch the replay at and also look for a free SQL Snapshot command that you can use to replace REORGCHK! Watch the show to understand why! <div>&nbsp;</div> Also remember to sign up for Episode #19 on May 25 with special guest Sam Lightstone, IBM, and author of the new book "Making it Big in Software!" This is a great book! Watch this show to get some top shelf career advice! <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers, Scott

2 svisser1 commented Permalink

I did miss the show and can't wait to hear the replay. Thanks Scott! I'm really looking forward to Sam's talk!