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Thanks a lot for adding the link to this free book. I am preparing myself for Test 730: DB2 9 Fundamentals and i am thankful for every resource available.<div>&nbsp;</div> Markus

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Hi Markus,<div>&nbsp;</div> Also see the full set of certification tutorials that we have available:

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Hi Susan,the link to the book <div>&nbsp;</div><div>&nbsp;</div> is broken...I tried also from the IBM Software site, same result.<div>&nbsp;</div> Can you give us the right link?<div>&nbsp;</div> ThanksCiao, Dario

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Hi Susan,many other links on DB2 Book are broken.Trying on the "Favorites" right menu for:<div>&nbsp;</div> - Books for Architects- Books for DBAs- Books for Developers <div>&nbsp;</div> return <div>&nbsp;</div> Error 500: Filter [plugins]: filter is unavailable.<div>&nbsp;</div> Ciao, Dario

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Thanks for the feedback... I'll get the links fixed.

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This link works for me... you try again... let me know. Thanks!

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