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1 localhost commented Permalink

For the upgrade test, how many questions (%) are supposed to answer correctly to clear the test. I do not see that information here, Please let me know.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks,Raghu

2 localhost commented Permalink

Both Pearson Vue and Prometric are listing this exam's price on their 'register to take an exam' web pages at $150.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Correction, Pearson Vue doesn't list exam 736 at all. Prometric does at $150.

4 localhost commented Permalink

The price for Exam 736 has been corrected at Prometric, so you can now find them for $75.<div>&nbsp;</div> As for VUE... it doesn't seem that they are carrying our V9 exams. Not sure.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Will the coverage questions be only from the New features in DB2 v9 i.e the chapters listed above or can be from the v8.1 DBA exam also.

6 localhost commented Permalink

Can one take the 731 exam without taking another exam before that? I know that you have to take a 7xx test and a 731 if you want a IBM Certified Database Administrator certification. I am not interested in the title but just want to take 731 that allowed?

7 localhost commented Permalink

Is there any book/preparation material in addition to the 7 online tutorials for the 731 exam?