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1 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Susan, I wanted to let you know that at least one person from the z/OS world does read you blog.WillieMy blog -->

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Hi Susan,<div>&nbsp;</div> I would like to know if there is any Tutorial that is developed at IBM for Exam : 702, like the one for 700 (6 parts) that helps preparation for Certification of DB2 Universal Database for z/OS V8.1 DBA <div>&nbsp;</div> TIAKris

3 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Susan,<div>&nbsp;</div> Definetly the information provided by you in this BLOG guided me how to go ahead for certification.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks.Sai.

4 localhost commented Permalink

hi ,<div>&nbsp;</div> I completed my 700 exam, but i dont have any kind of experience on database platform ,yet i want to write 702. can you tell me which books would be better. my work experience as a mainframe admin.