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1 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks Susan, I have just ordered the book through portal. They have this book in their catalog and providing 20% discount.

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Thanks Manoj! I'll make sure others are aware of this site to buy books.

3 localhost commented Trackback

Hello Susan,<div>&nbsp;</div> I am having 4 Years of Mainframe experience and love to move onto DB2 DBA on z/OS. I have searched learning institutes but couldnot get. Hence I bought DB2 for z/OS Certification Study Guide V_8 by Susan Lawson also ordered DB2 for z/OS Certification Study Guide V_9 by Susan Lawson and about to get. I am learning DB2 DBA to go for 732 exam.<div>&nbsp;</div> Though I have got experience in DB2 , as I do not have DBA real time I couldnot get an opening.Can you guide me how to get into DB2 DBA z/OS career.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks,Sureshkumar.A.

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Why the mock test for DB2 certification is charged ? I remember there was free mock test prior, Now it looks like we need to pay certain amount for it ...<div>&nbsp;</div> Sheetal--