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1 localhost commented Permalink

I think most of the information about the pureXML is available either through books or through articles. The only thing is the all this information is scattered at many places. There is a need to put all these information at one place either by a dedicated book or a small article which will describe the relevant books ( specific chapters ) and article in such a manner that the flow of reading will be maintained. But in any case user need to go to different places to find the information but at least he or she will get the guidelines and links straight away instead of looking himself.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks Manoj! I think we're on the right track then. Let me know if you have additional feedback.

3 localhost commented Trackback

Let's not forget the manuals! DB2 Version 9.5 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows comes with a 425 pages pureXML Guide.<div>&nbsp;</div>;uid=swg27009727

4 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks Markus! Never forget the manuals! I'll make sure I include reference to this very extensive book as well.