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I agree with Craig that DB2 on System z had its impact here. And i'm happy to see that a DBAs work is valued by employers, whatever the RDBMS vendor. However, all this does not mean you can make a quick buck as DBA. DBAs guard a companies most precious asset, their data. They're worth their salary.<div>&nbsp;</div> Markus

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Hi Markus,<div>&nbsp;</div> Absolutely DBAs earn their wages! And like you, I'm very glad to see people in this career being valued by their employers. On my end, I get books published to help DBAs get a deeper understanding of new features that could possibly make their jobs a bit more manageable... or really, so they can have time to focus on the other 100 items that they've had to ignore because they've been so over worked.<div>&nbsp;</div> I also help get intro type of material created so we can have trained DBAs in the future. I welcome this fresh blood into the area but do warn them that it takes quite a bit of effort to make it to the DBA level.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for commenting!