As part of a continuing series, Claudia Imhoff has created a paper that describes the impact the emerging Information Producer role can have on warehouse environments and IT organizations. 

In a recent blog, Rachel Bland of IBM sees that the Information Producer role in organizations has the potential to cause angst for IT.  The Information Producer’s need for self-service must to be balanced against other needs such as governance, system stability and performance, and the need to sustain services for other end users.

To address these competing needs such as these, IT can look to innovative technologies that speed deployment and query performance, simplify maintenance and offer affordability. 

One IBM advantage is having a broad perspective and a portfolio of products that includes The IBM Business Intelligence Pattern with BLU Acceleration. Aligning with these objectives, this pattern offering can help to reduce the burden on IT and provide every user who interacts with the system with a “speed of thought” response.

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