IBM Impact 2014 is the place to learn how to use disruptive technologies like Cloud, Big Data, and Mobile to create faster, more adaptive and secure solutions to overcome challenges and thrive in the digital economy.


The conference takes place at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, April 27 - May 1.  



There is much taking place at Impact 2014 for those of you in the Data Management business.  Attend these sessions to help your organization get faster answers and breakthrough performance, with exceptional time-to-value.



From our Executives:



On Monday 4:00-5:15, join the keynote "Give Your Application an Unfair Advantage" featuring Beth Smith and Leon Katsnelson in Palazzo L.  You’ll get a practical perspective on how to turn the world of insight into a weapon that gives your organization and applications an unfair advantage.



On Tuesday 8:30am - 10:00am the General Session presentation is “Made with IBM” and features Bob Picciano.  This takes place in Level 2, Hall B.


You will learn how to drive better engagement through deeper insight and smarter applications. And you will learn how to embrace open innovation to put data to work for your organization.


At the Expo Theater:


We’ve carefully chosen two of our most exciting topics to share with you:


Internet of Things: Choose an Intelligent Database by Fred Ho


Expo Theater, Session #1, Sunday Apr 27, 7:00 pm

The "Internet of Things" refers to the growing number of devices and sensors that communicate and interact via the Internet, offering businesses new customers and revenue opportunities. Harnessing data from billions of connected devices lies in the ability to capture, store, access and query multiple data types seamlessly and use that data in meaningful ways.  Attend this session to see the Internet of Things in action with a demo of this end-to-end solution from IBM and Shaspa.


Data Warehousing for everyone with BLU Acceleration by Adam Ronthal


Expo Theater, Session #2, Monday Apr 28, 7:00 pm

IBM’s BLU Acceleration is a game-changer for data warehousing and analytics. When paired with the cloud infrastructure and business models, BLU Acceleration opens up the world of analytics to clients looking to benefit from business intelligence (BI) technology, without lengthy project approval times.


For Fun:


Stop by the BLU Experience, located in the Social Impact Lounge, Sands Foyer.  Get a BLU tattoo to show your colors!  You can also take a "selfie" and upload to facebook or twitter so it "doesn't have to stay in Vegas!"  Meet with our BLU Ambassadors onsite to get further details.




For Sessions:




I’ve pulled out these two sessions related to big data.  Unfortunately, they occur at the same time, so you have to choose which you want to attend.

Getting Started with Big Data - 5 Game Changing Use Cases

with Rick Clements

Tuesday, April 29 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Session 3145: Lando 4201 A

IBM has seen a pattern emerge within and across its clients’ organizations and has identified the top five high-value applications of big data technology that can be the first step into big data. During this session, hear about each of these use cases - data warehouse modernization, enhanced 360-degree view of the customer, security/intelligence extension, big data exploration, and operations analysis - and how clients are identifying and tackling big data projects today. In addition, presenters explore the IBM big data and analytics platform - Watson Foundations - and how it sets the standard in the market with its breadth and depth of capabilities and is packaged so clients can address their immediate need, build on what they have, and realize value at every step of their journey.                            


Taming Big Data Derived from the Internet of Things with Big SQL

with Berni Schiefer

Tuesday April 29, 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Session 3477: Delfino 4103

Big data means many things. But with the many trillions of objects in the Internet of Things, each with many attributes, including geospatial and temporal, big data takes on new meaning. Gaining insight from all this data effectively and efficiently is a daunting challenge. SQL access over Hadoop data is an ideal and highly productive interface to extract value from all this data. In this talk, presenters describe why SQL is the right interface and how IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, with its next generation of big SQL processing, opens new frontiers for exploring big Data. Presenters provide performance-oriented best practices for storing, searching, and analyzing big data with Big SQL.


In the Expo:


We have three booths staffed with experts to answer your questions related to these areas:

InfoSphere - Information Integration & Governance

Information Integration and Governance (IIG)—a critical element of Watson Foundations, increases trust in your information; makes business operations more efficient, and mitigates risk. Learn how IIG brings together a unified set of capabilities; including data integration, master data management, data security and lifecycle management.

Think BIG: Big Data, BigInsights and Big SQL

Big SQL 3.0 is the next generation of IBM’s SQL on Hadoop offering in InfoSphere BigInsights. Big SQL 3.0 delivers full/rich SQL language support, industry-leading performance and security, open integration with analytics and reporting tools and built in security. Learn how Big SQL can give you a single point of access to your data within Hadoop.

Data Management for the Era of Big Data

Business and IT leaders in forward-thinking organizations are taking an integrated approach to unlocking value from all available data by exploiting a new generation of data management solutions. Learn how the next generation of in-memory computing can help deliver greater scale and efficiency in the era of big data.


As always, the Expo area is huge, so find us with these directions: Find the Big Data Area and go to Booth BD-7.  Besides expert advice, visit also for a few trickets, books, and other surprises.



Social, Bookstore, Certification


Three of my favourite things… and yes, they’ll be well represented at the Impact conference.  Join the social lounges to meet the faces behind the social messaging; drop by the bookstore to browse through the great selection of books, and pick one or two up at a discounted price; take a certification exam to prove to the world that you have the skills to perform your job.



This will be my first time attending Impact.  I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can while at the conference and networking with many people.  I’ll being taking photos and live tweeting as much as I can.  If you’re at the conference, come say hi and tell me you’ve read my blog!