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I can't download files.

Not shared with you.
You do not have permission to view this file. The file is not public and is not shared with you.

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Sorry about that.
That's what happens when I try to be creative with jet lag at an airport...
It should be fixed now.
Thanks for letting me know.

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I tried the SQL reverse function and it is working fine with english characters. But when I tried it with string contains arabic characters it fails.
May be because the length on arabic letters is 2 bytes.
Ex: محمد123
Please advice what is the possible solution.

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This is odd, because I did test it with other 2-byte characters, like the German U-umlaut.
You are sure that you are on a Unicode database?

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I think db2 may have special utf-8 implementation. according to my test all uses 4 characters.
values chr(194)||chr(168)||chr(194)||chr(185)
1 record(s) selected.
db2 "values chr(195)||chr(140)||chr(195)||chr(172)"
1 record(s) selected.
MMostafa, can you share your test case?
pls print ascii(substr(yourstring,pos,$NN)) , NN from 1 to length(yourstring).

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other than c, I tested with Java. with some German and Chinese characters. the byte list passed to java function is all right with the standard utf-8 definition.

interesting it's not the case in db2 itself layout if trying to print the byte list.