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1 Kovica commented Permalink

Does this also work if I use XA JDBC datasource?
I'm asking this since using ADMIN_CMD with XA datasource sometimes throws an exception, depending what command you want to execute via ADMIN_CMD.

2 SergeRielau commented Permalink


Long time no see!
Since autonomous transactions are a pure DB2 server feature they work independently of anything the client does.
So that's a yes.
Is there a PMR for the ADMIN_CMD issue?

3 mark_777 commented Permalink

We use "autonomous" type transactions to log performance data of various application events, but this controlled by the application code, and usually inserts the rows to a different database.

4 AngocA commented Permalink

I use 'autonomous transactions' in a logging system called log4db2 (, and in a unit testing framework called db2unit ( In the last one, it allows me to write the assertion messages of each test, even if the routine being tested has a rollback.