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What if we (IBM) would use SOA to reform our service delivery to customers?

Can we use SOA ourselves and do better business for our customers in the outsourcing business?
I think we can. We have to start using these bright ideas ourselves seriously.
It needs innovation of our own organisation, the processes and the tools we use. It needs a better focus on information management, rather then a focus on hardware.
When do we start to learn ourselves from our marketing department?
Please do. In outsourcing we are desperate. Projects are failing all over the world, because of the wrong attitude. Because we are not focussing on service in a 'business as usual' situation. And we fail to give the customers what they want.
Why I don't start? I did, but met heavy resistance to innovate, to do the right thing. Frustrated? Yes. Without hope? No. Maybe, someday we'll learn what we teach.

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