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Sandy, I heard you speak in Dallas and I thought I heard yousay there were 300 companies listed in the SOA Catalog with4000 assets. When I look there I only see 42 one of whichis IBM. I'm doing something wrong?

They are: Actuate Software, AdminServer, Aldata, Alphinat, Amazon, Ascendant Technology, Business Objects, Celequest, Chordiant Software Inc., Clear2Pay, Cognos, Curam, Dassault Systemes, Dexterra, Eastcom Software Technology Co., Ltd, eMeter, Eniac, i2 Technologies, IBM, IBS Technology and Services, iEnterprises, Ilog, ItemField, JJ DREGER Consulting, JWare, LogicLibrary, Mincom, MRO Software, Napersoft, NetManage, Nimaya, PROSTEP, Research in Motion, Sateri Systems, SEEC, Shanghai Alcatel Network Support System Co., LTD, SSA Global Technologies, TrueDemand, Twinsoft, Ultramatics , WebLayers

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