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So, why does Oracle gun for SAP and not IBM?

"[Oracle] has its guns set on SAP. They see SAP as their competitor more so than IBM'sWebsphere or BEA. So they are looking to do what SAP does, and do it better"

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I think because Oracle and SAP approach the market from an application centric view of the world -- not necessarily a composite business service view of the world. Based on how you see SOA panning out, you may view your competitors in different lights.

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This can't be how IBM simplifies the whole market? It is very short-sighted imo. SAP is clearly on a middle-tier exodus and is betting the farm on it by 2010. They are moving every enterprise customer they have to a platform that clearly will leverage the ideas behind not only slice and diced composite applications - but, business specific packaged content. They are not an app company any longer. They are covering both sides of the coin and all the while remaining open and more partner-minded then ever before. IBM's only move might be to ultimately work out a fair deal and SAP merges with IBM. As its already been discussed - I will just say a merger of that nature will be very much all about SOA and the work each was doing yesterday and today around this topic.

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