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Really you could just tell us how to build it in VMWare or one of the alternatives. Up to 7.7.4 it was very easy to do in Virtualbox (the VMs are in XML so finding the bit you need to alter is easier :) ) but you can't upgrade the image past that point due to hardware checking it seems. That was also a problem with the SDMC OVF which didn't support thin-provisioned disk, requiring you to deploy a 500GB image, even though that specification is not needed for an HMC managing a single machine or a small group of systems. It's the same problem that the HMC hardware has, by the way - it's sized to run the maximum specification of dozens of servers with hundreds of LPARs on each one and that is really not the requirement for 95% of sites.
I appreciate that there are development costs and some re-licensing costs for commercial functions but most of HMC is OSS or developed by IBM so those should be minimal and there is a real need for a virtual HMC that doesn't cost around half the price of a baby POWER server, especially for those small customers ("small" as in actually small, not SME). I guess that means I think the virtual HMC can't come fast enough, and I, for one, would really like you to write the Redbook on how to cook your own just as soon as the appliance is announced, because then it WILL be supported, won't it? :)

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how about running HMC on VirtualBOX ?
why continuing to buy expensive hardware while you can run it on a vm ?

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