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Comments (5)

1 rrpo commented Permalink

Hi Scott, one question please, where is the heartbeat between the two SEA's working? On the VLAN 4095 or on the default VLAN. And, if i understand you correct, all LPARS work on the PVID LAN. No additional VLAN is nessecary?

2 Sylvain DELABARRE commented Permalink

Starting with FW 780, VLAN 4095 will not be available for user configuration. It will be dedicated for SEA partners identifcation/validation and heartbeat.VLAN 4095 will allow multiple VIO/SEA failover pairs. Still, 2 VIOs only per SEA failover configuration. Prerequisites are VIO 223, FW 780 and HMC 7.7.8.

3 atelloa commented Permalink

Hi Scott, is there some restriction when doing a LPAR LPM migration from one system with virtual adapters control channel to systems with this new configuration?.
Alvaro Tello.

4 Sylvain DELABARRE commented Permalink

I do no see any restrictions regarding LPM. This new SEA configuration method is meant to be upward compatible, and as the exact same functionality.

5 dman29 commented Permalink

I was unable to successfully create the sea with the attribute of ha_mode=sharing. It only worked with ha_mode=auto. Is this a limitation?

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