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1 claynelson commented Permalink

I read the title and immediately my mind went to a different commitment; strength of consensus or dedication to a decision. Something I've been noodling for a while. How do we measure agreement? A significant risk to time to market is the velocity at which the organization can make decisions- especially in the formative stage. We have a name for the milestone, LCO, and artifacts we'd expect to come from that milestone that imply consensus. However, a number of technical and social factors have changed since the creation of the lifecycle seem to leave me expecting more.

The diffusion of monolithic systems into more and more intertwined services means there's more stakeholders who must participate in the decisions- we know the consequences if we don't include them. Social software has shown the ability to rapidly facilitiate that process, even measure opinion. With the time it takes to reach decisions being such a critical path variable, it seems essential we provide product/project teams a set of data points by which to measure their confidence and raise the flag when too much water is backing up to the dam.

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