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1 StephenTaoSun@SAP commented Permalink

Hello Dino,

Thanks for update, I have two questions regarding the new 7.1.3 update,
(1) will Smart Assist be available for DB2 V10.x in the new update?
(2) will Smart Assist be avaialble for DB2 HADR scenario?

2 StephenTaoSun@SAP commented Permalink

Hello Dino,

One more question, does "Enhanced and flexible high availability management support for SAP" includes the adaption to fit into the SAP High Availability framework, called SAP HA Interface?
Best Regards,

3 DinoQuintero commented Permalink

Hi Stephen. Sorry for the late reply. In the upcoming IBM Redbooks for PowerHA (keep tune to my blog for the announcement), we have a scenario illustrating Smart Assists for SAP and DB2 v10.x. However, I do not believe there is a Smart Assist available for DB2 HADR.

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