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Comments (5)

1 angustheitchap commented Permalink

Since this is 20i3, and i5/OS has been out of service for 5 years, can you update this chart to reflect the correct branding of the IBM i operating system?

It may not matter too much to someone inside the firmware, but it is very important that IBM be consistent in its branding - at least to the outside world.
Thanks for your consideration,

2 StevenPitcher commented Permalink

Using the current operating system name is tremendously important especially since customers and potential customers are viewing this content. Talking about i5/OS sends a mixed message. It says i5/OS is alive and well. It's not.

It would be a great help to the IBM i community if you could update the graphic with IBM i instead of i5/OS.
Much thanks.

3 DrFranken commented Permalink

In just a few months i5/OS won't even be a supported O/S. IBM i has been the current O/S since Early in 2008. Can we get the chart to reflect IBM's current O/S offerings?

Thank You,
- DrFranken

4 powerfw commented Permalink

Sorry guys, somebody needs to #IBMiStepUp! I'm working on tracking down the source of the diagram and getting it updated.

5 PeterFong commented Permalink


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