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Comments (3)

1 badrspe commented Permalink

Man I need more ! I just found out about your blog and I'm already starving for more entries !! It's just amazing how you go through the possibilitiesthat OMNIBUS offers ! Keep up the good work,
Waiting for the rest of this entriy,

2 badrspe commented Permalink

I really apreciate the wonderful work! But would be a follow up for this entry?

3 7YA6_Wim_Harthoorn commented Permalink

I had intended to follow up but then I had some conversations with the WebGUI developers about the shortcomings in the graphing options. I was told that plans for this year will bring things in that will improve that so I decided to hold back until then. WebGUI graphing has not been worked on for several releases but we should be able to have some of the Jazz stuff available later.

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