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1 Guido_Verbraak commented Permalink

In the past I developed a similar report. It was large but still good for tracking serviceclasses that were not meeting their goals. I used a BI tool to generate a table for each serviceclass period. On that table the columns were the buckets and the rows were the hours of the day. Or the other way around, depending on what you like. (it was a daily report) The cells contained the percentages of the number of transactions that were in that bucket and I had them coloured red for underperformance, yellow for just above the goal and green for overachievement. In one view you could immediately see on what hour something went wrong. <div>&nbsp;</div> If you smash the data into such tables, you can leave your 3D glasses at home :-). If you use a BI tool like Cognos I am sure you can make the graphs you want. <div>&nbsp;</div> I am looking forward to the next post with advanced graphics.

2 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Thanks Guido! <div>&nbsp;</div> As it happens the "add near miss / hit" change was relatively easy to make but the 10% buckets look unconvincing so going to try 20% i.e 0-80, 80-100, 100-120, 120+ % of goal. The data's there.