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1 localhost commented Permalink

Martin, thanks for the example. Perhaps making the JCL available for download for these PTFs would be handy. Almost like an IVP ... Ming

2 localhost commented Permalink

How do we edit format using JCL - INREC and OUTREC from text to hex values. I managed to do Hex to txt using OUTREC, but the reverse is giving me some errors. I am trying to move 12-digit txt values to 6 digit PD with 2 decimal values inclusive.<div>&nbsp;</div> Pls help

3 localhost commented Permalink

We can pad a dataset with any string which we like using the option outrec in DFSORT. We are using single quote as a delimiter for the string we wanted in our output file. My problem is :<div>&nbsp;</div> What will we do if the string itself contains a single quote?