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It was a great week in Las Vegas, even though the numbers were (understandably) down on previous years. I learnt a lot and I had lots of people in my sessions - including the very last one of the conference on the Friday morning!<div>&nbsp;</div> Much of what I learnt went out on Twitter (as did that of my friend Bill Seubert (ibmbill on Twitter). And we got instant reactions from people who weren't there.<div>&nbsp;</div> On the Friday I hired a car, watched "W" at a local cinema and took 2 trips out into the desert:<div>&nbsp;</div> All day Saturday at the Valley Of Fire park. Worth a whole day, especially as it's almost an hour to there from Las Vegas.<div>&nbsp;</div> Sunday morning to the (much closer) Red Rocks Canyon park.<div>&nbsp;</div> If you get to Las Vegas take my advice and leave. :-)

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Hey Martin, Is there somewhere I can get your presentaion ? (Memory Matters in 2009)

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I don't know where they put the handouts from Las Vegas. The good news is I'm expanding the material for this year and expect to put the results out on Slideshare in time for the Brussels System z Technical Conference in May.