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1 scottpdrummond commented Permalink

From the z/OS 1.13 DFSMS Technical Update redbook: <div>&nbsp;</div> 7.5 Catalog RAS: Replace catalog pseudo close with VSAM close <div>&nbsp;</div> In DFSMS releases preceding V1.13, the closing of a catalog is not done by a normal VSAM <br /> close, which creates an SMF record type 64. Instead Catalog Management does a pseudo <br /> close of the catalog by invalidating the ACB. To create an SMF record for catalog closes, this <br /> has been changed. In DFSMS V1.13, the closing of the catalog is now a standard VSAM <br /> close. It creates two SMFrecords, one at the closure of the index component and one at the <br /> closure of the data component. It is now possible to see jobname Catalog in the SMF record <br /> type 64.

2 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Thanks Scott! I hadn't spotted that. I'm wondering if it means I HAVE to update my code - probably not. More likely I'll see additional records and CAN do something with them.