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Hallo Martinthe following would be a nice to have for IFASMFDP.<div>&nbsp;</div> In the SUMMARY ACTIVITY REPORT I would like to see % of the total data for each smf record type. For example if we dumped 10GB and type 30 was 1.2GB then in the summary report for the type 30 add a column with 12.0% or else the absolute numbers (1.2GB).

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I wrote a set of IFASMFDP user exits which provide a couple of enriched ACTIVITY REPORTs, including the type of information Andreas need. These information are detailed at the record type / subtype level and also include the timestamp of the oldest and youngest records seen. I would be happy to share them with people interested. Just let me know. mario

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IFASMFDP program<div>&nbsp;</div> 1.Copies the input SMF data to output data sets2.Input is SMF records in VSAM or QSAM data setsSMF data set3.Output data set from previous IFASMFDP execution4.Output is a sequential data set5.May have multiple input and output data sets6.Used to dump and clear SMF data sets7.Specify which record types and subtypes arewritten to the output data sets8.Specify processing options through parametersInput and Output DD namesStart and end dates and times for the records written