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DFSMS compression and striping work together very well for SMF data offloads and dynamically allocated SVC dump data sets. <div>&nbsp;</div> If Pipes were built-in to z/OS like z/VM lots of people would use it but since Pipes is an expensive add-on few people use it and I don't expect that to change. Most other modern operating systems include basic support to pipe data data between processes out of the box. If IBM wants people to do application modernization it need to incorporate some of technology in the z/OS base.

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Hi Sam! Thanks for your comment. Personally I always felt Pipes should've been a part of z/OS from the start. The following will sound like a "fob off" answer but you know me well enough to know that's not the case: I suggest you talk to your sales rep about this, and copy me on anything you might send them. As it happens I'm in Poughkeepsie in August having conversations where Pipes will come up - especially as I expect to be writing part of a Redbook about it. (I also hope to get a chance to come down and see you in the same timeframe.)