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Well done! Sort of expected that kind of progressive, open attitude from a fellow twitterer! Nice to hear it. :-)

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Thanks Marcus!<div>&nbsp;</div> I forgot to mention my (rather unoriginal) Twitter ID: MartinPacker .<div>&nbsp;</div> I also forgot to mention the use of hashtags in Twitter. Maybe I should put a suggested one up for the session on the title slide. (A hashtag is a term beginning with a hash eg "#DFSORT" - used for searching in Twitter.)

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I recently tried presenting with a live updating twitter search for hashtag on screen next to my slides (<a href=""></a>).

I can strongly recommend it - it was a really useful extra way of getting feedback and questions while giving a talk.

4 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks for the excellent idea, Dale!<div>&nbsp;</div> What mechanism would you use to display a constantly updated ticker like that? I'm not sure I have one "out of the box". And this particular box is - for now - Windows. :-(

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