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Martin,<div>&nbsp;</div> I had got a requirement to Parse an AFP ( Print Format) file, and extract all the meaningful data. I studied your XML parser that you created using DFSORT and I was able to create a parser for the AFP file.<div>&nbsp;</div> Just wanted to thank you, for sharing some valuable tips with us....<div>&nbsp;</div> Regards,<div>&nbsp;</div> Anurag

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To use DFSORT to parse XML, how is the XML document transfered onto the mainframe environment?

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Thanks, Anurag, for YOUR comment.<div>&nbsp;</div> Art, that's a good question - but beyond the scope of this blog entry. It's actually not something I'd considered when I wrote this blog entry. (I guess I was thinking of things like file transfer.)<div>&nbsp;</div> And things have somewhat moved on anyway - with the DB2 Version 9 Native XML support. (THIS is a big improvement on the XML Extender technology previously in play.)

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I have a requirement to parse a huge xml( 300 MB) in mainframe. I have got the file over to the mainframe, but the resulting file has wrapped itself. Due to this every record does not start or end with < or > respectively. So there are several cases in which a particular attribute value continues on the next record. I would like any inputs/suggestions on how to solve this issue? Taking the above example, the my file would look like this
<?null xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ??>

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I'm sorry. In a complex case like this you're probably stuck. :-(<div>&nbsp;</div> I think your best bet would probably to be to find a transfer technique that doesn't cause this. More realistically this is probably a job for some REXX or else the z/OS XML Toolkit.

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Hi Martin,<div>&nbsp;</div> I am getting frequently Job failing with S0C4. When i check the JObLog it shows error like:<div>&nbsp;</div> AN S0C4 ABEND WAS ISSUED BY DFSORT, ANOTHER PROGRAM OR AN EXIT (PHASE S 1) <div>&nbsp;</div> ABEND=S0C4 U0000 REASON=000091F0 188 <div>&nbsp;</div> Even i check all production systems that the time of my job running there was no jobs are running in production region.<div>&nbsp;</div> Can you please help me out of this query.<div>&nbsp;</div> My contact id is<div>&nbsp;</div> MANY Thanks in advance