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My own experience was with a customer who was converting from DOS/VSE to MVS. With VSE the VSAM index structure stayed intact whereas the MVS one did not. In other words VSE used LSR by default and MVS did not.<div>&nbsp;</div> It was quite embarrassing to have VSE out perform MVS by a 20 to 1 margin. The VSE job ran on a 4381 and the MVS job ran on a 3090.<div>&nbsp;</div> The customer ended up recoding the job such that an assembler subroutine was used to open the VSAM file as LSR rather than having COBOL open it.<div>&nbsp;</div> Years later Batch LSR was announced.

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Thanks for your memories :-) , Tom. Having to code that assembler subroutine to do the BLDVRP was - I was told, never having done it myself - a right pain in the neck. But BLSR was quite a neat circumvention.