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1 DougieLawson commented Permalink

Are you using an ASCII/Unicode or EBCDIC DTD in OMVS? <div>&nbsp;</div> If EBCDIC what code point is used for [ x'b1'? or x'ad'? and ] x'bb' or x'bd'? <div>&nbsp;</div> I've got a real world IMS program that emits XML and I've a DTD that works OK if I translate everything to ascii (when I FTP it to Windows), but trying Saxon-B on MVS gets a DTD validation error.

2 MartinPacker commented Permalink

@Dougie I'm not entirely sure. Although my test data is EBCDIC and I'm using -Dfile.encoding=Cp1047 on my java invocation. Output is of course to EBCDIC. I'd be interested in your use case, actually.