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1 Dan Ahler commented Permalink

Thanks for putting this out here. <div>&nbsp;</div> If it helps, I copied/pasted this source into a mainframe file but encountered java compile errors pointing to the square brackets as a problem. Eventually I found a "codepage" discussion that said the x'BA' x'BB' brackets aren't valid on z/OS and needed to be replaced with x'AD' x'BD' so the source looks like: <div>&nbsp;</div> public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String argsݨ) { System.out.println("Welcome!"); }} <br /> 49A89884898AA4C8999E99984C449A89884AA8A884A988498894EA98984898AAB544C4444EAAA8949AA49989A9947E898998575544DD4 <br /> 074239303312208533666934000074239302313930569404195D23995701972DDD0000000282354B643B7995335DF6533645AFDE00000 <br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2 AidanH commented Permalink

You can set your codepage to IBM-285 so that you can use left and right square bracket and other characters that codepage IBM-1047 doesn't like. <div>&nbsp;</div> create a .profile (yes dot profile) file in your Unix home directory and add the following <div>&nbsp;</div> LOCALE_SWITCH=EXECUTED <br /> LANG=EN_GB.IBM-285 <br /> LC_ALL=EN_GB.IBM-285 <br /> export LANG LC_ALL LOCALE_SWITCH <div>&nbsp;</div> Now every time you log into z/os Unix your codepage will be IBM-285

3 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Thanks, both of you, for your comments on the (perennially thorny) codepage issue.