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1 ijmitch commented Permalink

and the Dynamic Scripting Featurepack for CICS TS Version 4 uses the JVM to add PHP and Groovy to CICS - see

2 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Ian, we have a hole in a DECENT PHP runtime in Batch on z/OS. Does it look feasible to run the CICS PHP stuff in batch? "Decent" because the current Ported Tools is underwhelming. Perhaps we can talk about how to do it. And good catch on "Groovy". I'd forgotten about it and not tested it (as also haven't tested Ruby). Maybe a "New-Fangled Languages on z/OS Cookbook" is needed.

3 ijmitch commented Permalink

Martin, I'd be interested to better understand the use cases for PHP related to batch scenarios. I'm sort of stuck thinking the value prop is highly interactive and which automatically leads to app servers like CICS TS. Is it just a PHP app being launched from JES and doing the standard stream driven style of processing you're thinking of?

4 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Ian, I don't know. I just note you probably have a better PHP than the Ported Tools one and it runs in a JVM. What's not to like? :-) I also think if you can run in CICS the other JVM-based languages that makes CICS more attractive. Does your PHP support intersect with the CICS Batch Container? Perhaps we should discuss what might be possible offline.

5 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Thanks to John Wilson (@tug) and Charles Nutter (@headius) for correcting me on JRuby and Jython: Jython compiles to bytecode before running the Python program. JRuby compiles Ruby code to bytecode on the fly i.e. lazily. This wasn't meant to be a complete, deep, taxonomy of JVM-based languages but seems to be heading that way. :-)

6 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Ian, I didn't answer your point about interactive (obviously CICS' original domain): I think PHP is credible as a batch language, too. But I can see where you're coming from. BTW it would be nice to see MediaWiki up and running on CICS. Does it? (It's built on "interactive" PHP but the database side of it might be more difficult.)

7 ijmitch commented Permalink

Martin - I'd not considered trying to run Mediawiki, but I'd love to see Drupal run as a CICS/DB2 app!

8 7X9B_Timothy_Sipples commented Permalink

If it runs in CICS Transaction Server, it's available for batch execution also. There are multiple ways to do that. Just use your favorite search engine and/or check the SupportPacs for examples.

9 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Thanks Tim!