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1 Willie commented Permalink

Nice post; enjoyed reading it I am now even more impressed by you than I was before. You see, I am one of "those" who can't add much less do algebra. In fact, I can still hear my high school math teacher telling by parents they should send me to trade school to learn a skill like welding. Fortunately, they did not listen.. . and I went on to fail his course miserably. <div>&nbsp;</div> I do enjoy Sudoku though and work out their puzzles quite frequently on take off and landing.. if I stay away that long. You see, I am that "unfriendly" person on the plane that talks to no one and wear headphones for as much of the flight as they will allow. <div>&nbsp;</div> I am now also a but jealous of you. I wish I could work out math problems.. <div>&nbsp;</div> BTW, were do you find your equations to solve? It seems once you have worked out the solution, working it out a second time may not be as much fun... (smile)... <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for sharing <div>&nbsp;</div> Willie

2 MartinPacker commented Permalink

First, you're very kind, Willie. Second, you ask a good question about where to find good algebra problems: I happen to have kept many of my High School level maths books (and beyond). And, third, you're right I probably did do this one the first time round the "wrong" way. :-) That's why I'm susceptible to the idea the method I presented could be improved on.

3 bobleah commented Permalink

I'm pointing my friend Peter to this blog post... he loves this stuff!

4 PeterYim commented Permalink

Agree. Very elegant math. This is fun. Please post some more of these problems. Thank you.

5 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Thanks, Peter (and Bob)! Will try to oblige.

6 CJS commented Permalink

Good Stuff.....I like to apply the formula (a - b)^2 = a^2 -2ab + b^2 and (a + b)^2 = a^2 + 2ab + b^2....nice observation though.....all in all....your post brings back those memories we had solving algebraic equations in math class.