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hello martin. bill higgins notified me of your blog.its great to see someone looking at zSeries *and* Greasemonkey. we're industry analysts (RedMonk) with a similar range of interests. here is an exhortation to mainframe blogging from me are a couple of posts about greasemonkey from my business partner: are also firefox exponents... :-)

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<p>Thanks for showing up James.</p> <p>Actually I'm more into writing Firefox extensions, now that I'm on 1.5 (which makes it easier). Unfortunately I can only share the one I'm working on inside IBM, particularly as the functions it brings are almost entirely useless to "the real world". :-)</p> <p>There are things that a Firefox extension can do that a GreaseMonkey script can't: Like reading and writing files, and accessing the clipboard. I do both in my extension.</p>