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I'm glad you are having success with Adobe AIR it is a nice platform I agree.<div>&nbsp;</div> You might want to try out Curl Nitro ( It does the same thing as Adobe AIR but in some respects I think its better. It's faster than Flex or Ajax which is great for more advanced applications and it has a different security model which might be more appealing to enterprises.<div>&nbsp;</div> Anyway, you can learn more about Curl at It's not new - Curl has been around for 10 years and has over 300 enterprise customers in Asia. It was invented at MIT however, and its come back to the US just last year.<div>&nbsp;</div> All the best,<div>&nbsp;</div> Richard Monson-HaefelVP of Developer RelationsCurl, Inc.

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Apologies for not replying before. Thanks for the lead on Curl Nitro. I'll give it a look - but I'm afraid it's likely to be a while.