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Hmmm...well it seems to me the best way to find an authentic twitter account for someone would be to go to the persons website and get the info from there. If John Edwards or Barack want to twitter they should simply post their info on their website or blog and thus the authenticity problem is solved. As for changing campaigning I think that is really hard to say... I can see it being a good tool for getting lots of people to do something right away (email and blog postings have a lag associated with them...twitter you can tell everyone following you "go here now")

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Interesting: While the Twitter page purporting to be from John Edwards does point to his proper web page the converse isn't true (even though he lists all sorts of other web resources he's using).<div>&nbsp;</div> But I think it's just a matter of timing... Twitter seems to be emerging from the shadows right now.

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I signed up for twitter just to see what the fuss was all about, joined Obama's group of course... and have not went back to use it since then at all. It's one of the 2.0 companies I see dwindling in the future. Of course, I could be wrong.

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