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1 MartinPacker commented Permalink

If PHP is your bag there are libraries you can use. One open source one is PHP QR Code: . It installed easily and worked nicely. (In my above scenario I can see this might integrate better with the annotation web server idea.)

2 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Update on Qrafter: First, I paid the author less than £2.50 to add the premium features and remove adverts. I think he deserves it. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Second, one of the premium features is the ability to reconstitute a QR code (as a bitmap) from what is scanned in. Why would you want that? MY reason is because if you're going to propagate the QR code (somehow) you want a clean one. Reconstitution in this case is better than just publishing a photograph. In a test (which I inflicted on Twitter) this worked well.