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1 DougieLawson comentou às Link permanente

There's a neat bit of freeware which does everything you've done & more. Lonely B. Dyck is now an IBM'er.

2 MartinPacker comentou às Link permanente

Thanks Dougie, I'll take a look. Of course some customers might not be able to use it - even if it's freeware. And I'm glad we have Lionel among our ranks: I WAS aware he'd come onboard.

3 MartinPacker comentou às Link permanente

I did take a look at XMITIP and it looks very fine and comprehensive, using a number of tools under the covers. So Lionel's done a great job of this. <div>&nbsp;</div> One other thing: I changed MSGDSNAME in the JCL to MSGDDNAME and, as expected, it worked just fine. That means you can put the HTML inline in the job.