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1 MikeWood commented Permalink

Martin, I realise you are looking at the DSECT to SYMBOLs approach for ways of working better with data in DFSORT....... But, I took another approach with the rmm/DFSMS Report Generator; <br /> - input is assembler DSECTs. You name the library and macro name(s) and any keywords required to generate the correct mapping <br /> - The report generator assembles the macros and then shows you an ISPF table of the fields using the assembler comment as the text description for the field. <br /> - You can select which fields are used for include/omit decisions, which are used for sorting and which are used for reporting/output <br /> - you have an option to reduce the data to a smaller record for which a symbol mapping is generated, or to produce a report via ICETOOL <br /> - If the DSECT does not contain enough details about what actually in in a field you can add that detail manually (for example changing a hex field fro SMF date format, character to numeric etc.. The details are saved by the dialog for use in the future. <br /> - You can provide overrides for how the report should look, again saved for the future. <br /> The JCL for running with ICETOOL is generated and is saved for later reuse. <div>&nbsp;</div> Well worth a look, and provided with some SMF/HSM/rmm examples <br /> You find it under ISMF option G, or rmm dialog option R.

2 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Thanks Mike. I like that approach.