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Hugh Lapham suggested I added another example which shows another advantage over the SMF Dump Program. So here it is...With SMF Dump Program you can specify a time range that relates to all the days, plus a date range. But you can't easily do "9PM on 24th January 2005 to 5AM on 25th January". Here's how you'd do it with DFSORT, using the same symbols as above:<code>OPTION COPYINCLUDE COND=((SMFDATE,DT1,EQ,Z'20050124', AND,SMFTIME,TM3,GE,Z'21'),OR, (SMFDATE,DT1,EQ,Z'20050125',AND, SMFTIME,TM3,LT,Z'05'))</code>In the above TM3 is only one of 4 ways of expressing time. DT1 is one of 3 ways of expressing date.Hugh also fell foul of the SMF Date/Time stuff being added by a PTF to DFSORT a couple of years ago. Obviously my recommendation is to get to the very latest levels (outlined elsewhere in this blog) those the last 2 sets of PTF did not deal with SMF D/T.

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The above comment is right in spirit but wrong in detail: It needs the INREC treatement of the original. (I haven't found a way to edit a comment.) :-(