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Hello Martin,<div>&nbsp;</div> I write you to encourage you about your blog to share experiences. <div>&nbsp;</div> I have arrived here through by link from IBM-Main about PTF of RECALIBRATE SYNC/ASYNC THRESHOLDS. Well, it sounds good and we'll apply in ours systems.<div>&nbsp;</div> We'll anaylize the impact of it (we hope that it'll be positive!) and, if you desire, we'll send you a brief of the results. <div>&nbsp;</div> This month we're in an intensive work to migrate our batch workloads from JES inits to WLM inits. I have not found any entrie in your "categories" and I think that it'd be very appreciated to know the results and tips about it. To test it in our test sysplex we've used WLMqueue viewer tool (from IBM website) and it's very useful.<div>&nbsp;</div> Well, thanks again for your initiative ;)<div>&nbsp;</div> Regards from Barcelona

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Hello Christian! Thanks for getting in touch.<div>&nbsp;</div> I have been invited to talk to a customer (an old friend of mine) in December to talk about this area - WLM-Managed Initiators. It's been a long time since I last did much in this area. Though I DID run a residency on it in 1997 and we had some fun measurements THEN. But in 2007 those results are dangerously out of date.<div>&nbsp;</div> So I'm going to do some research and think about what to write about on WLM-Managed Initiators. (And there's a JES2 PTF I am aware of - that I need to blog about. So THAT's a good excuse :-) to get blogging on it.)