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Nice one Martin. I agree with you completely. I started my working life as a CICS Software Engineer 1976 and continued to work with CICS until 2001. I have moved on to something else now however it pained me to see such a fine product not keep up with improvements, especially in its GUI. <div>&nbsp;</div> In the earlier years we had to rely on GDDM for any excitement in CICS. Of course anyone who has worked with GDDM will know that it was a big disappointment. <div>&nbsp;</div> Surprisingly I saw the same happens to VM/CMS. I don't know how CICS is doing these days however I know that Second Life is becoming the new platform for 3D experience on the web, just like WWW did in the 90's in terms of a 2D experience. This Initiative, linking CICS with SL where CICS can perform the transaction processing for SL commerce could be the kiss of life for CICS.