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1 P5BT_Prabu_Ayyagari commented Permalink

Excellent information!

Here are a few other sources that may add value to the readers:
Please have a look at the following links for information about IBM Connections.
Two easy steps to success with IBM Connections: 1) Join IBM PartnerWorld for all its benefits and 2) Get a lot more technical information about IBM Connections (below).
Your sources for more information - technical - about IBM Connections:
1. Get on the Greenhouse: You can get hands-on experience. Also some great videos. [If you need access, please let me know and I will invite you to greenhouse).
2. High level videos are on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msCeSMIHq6M
3. More videos at: http://www.lbenitez.com/2010/11/new-lotus-connections-30-to-videos.html
4. Finally the roadmap for the product family: http://bit.ly/ICBPRoadmap

2 Paul Bastide commented Permalink

Thanks Prabu :)

3 P5BT_Prabu_Ayyagari commented Permalink

ibm.co/StartSocial << that is a short URL for this page, for convenience in sharing this link.

4 P5BT_Prabu_Ayyagari commented Permalink

For Portal and WCM, here some pointers to get you started:
(thanks to Stefan Hepper for providing these links)

Amazon cloud:
You need to use: IBM WebSphere Portal Server and IBM Web Content Manager Standard Edition V7.0 (non-clustered should be fine)
Alternatively we have a V8 beta, including VMware images:
Here are some videos about how to use WCM.
Documentation about enabling and using the message queue:

5 GopalGupta commented Permalink

For IBM SmartCloud for Social Business, here is a new toolkit that allows developers to get started developing within minutes using just a trial account:

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