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1 eherber commented Permalink


that is the fine difference. While SAP HANA is mentioned in the press and technology publications, IWA isn't.
Why don't we see an official TPC benchmark from IBM utilizing the new Informix Accelerator technology ?
While IBM is publishing new DB2 benchmarks every month, we haven't seen a single Informix
benchmark for years now.
The IWA technology is good, but if you really want to inspire NEW customers (not existing customers already using Informix for many years), you need to market the technology. I currently can't see that IBM is really doing this outside of the existing Informix community. An official benchmark result would certainly help here.

2 keshavamurthy commented Permalink

Hi Eric, TPC benchmarks indeed drove the complete computer industry for more than 20 years. But, they're expensive. However, we have initiatives with regard... Obviously, I can't disclose details on this forum :-)

On the other hand, with help from Informix friends like you, we've had a good campaign so far.
It's hard to believe it's just 3 weeks since GA. Google search indicates we have 180,000 results so far .. http://bit.ly/hDkx1K
We're always looking to do more. e.g. There were about 250+ folks for webinar on Informix Warehouse acceleartor... many new to Informix.

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