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1 FrancesP commented Permalink

are there specific features or functions that you find yourself missing or maybe not sure to find? haven't yet made the leap and as it took me so long to get to know PPT and how do to do all the cool stuff...curious how the create in ODP was going.

2 Kelvin_Lawrence commented Trackback

So far there is nothing I have really needed to do that I have not been able to. That said while I am a self confessed "geek" I try not to be a super power user in any of the Office Suites as I find myself having to share my work with a lot of different audiences (customers, colleagues, conferences etc) and I have learned over the years that avoiding the advanced features seems to be a good general rule. It's the old 80-20 principle yet again I suppose. That said I view the evolution of all the ODF based tools in the industry to be just that, an evolution. I think we will see incremental improvement each release.

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