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1 localhost commented Permalink

I'm sorry, but Lotus Forms requires Websphere, making it a non-starter in our shop.

2 localhost commented Permalink

The article described the availability of numerous configurations. For example, the WebForm server is typically deployed to a Websphere app server or portal server, which is often not a problem but when a limitation is imposed like the one you're describing, an alternative is needed.<div>&nbsp;</div> In this case, the article also shows the possibility of using Lotus Forms Viewer on the client side. This would eliminate the need for WAS since the viewer would drive client-side interaction. Upon form completion, results can be submitted via http and https, which Domino supports. The results are in XML, and the data is stored in XForms instances in the document. This means you can use *whatever XML tools you want* to get at those results and drive the application and data tiers.<div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers,John

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