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Comments (2)

1 KeithMacKenzie commented Permalink

Very interesting ideas. Reassuring and accurate to observe that Watson is clearly not capable of becoming a "teetering bulb of dread and dream". <div>&nbsp;</div> But as you point out, still good to know that in the hands of an expert such a system can in fact make this a much smarter world.

2 Paul Bastide commented Permalink

"crucial to keep in mind that "expert advisor" means that the deployed system should be advising someone who is a qualified expert in the exact domain in which the "expert advisor" system was trained." <div>&nbsp;</div> I agree very much with the statement. <div>&nbsp;</div> Expert Advisors are Evidence based systems need evidence; teach it how to get the evidence or generate the hypothesis without instruction is a key in my opinion to the top level.

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